The Magic of Twelfth Night

Written around the year 1600, Twelfth Night, or What You Will (as the breezy subtitle proclaims) is one of the most charming of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies. It is a work filled with merry-making, high spirits, and – of course – love!

Twelfth Night is as delightfully festive as the season it celebrates: January 6, the twelfth night of Christmas, the Feast of the Epiphany . . . and a time for Fun! One of my most treasured memories is a performance that our Montessori children gave at the Old Dominion University Stables Theatre on that very night, January 6. The children were a big hit; and as our audience arrived at the theatre, lovely snowflakes began to fall. By the end of our performance, the children had their cast party backstage, with frequent trips out the Stage Door to play in the snow. Now, how is that for the magic of theatre?

Watch this space for postings of monologues and scenes from the play, specially edited with young actors in mind.

Favorite Books About Shakespeare: “Shakespeare of London”

One of our favorite books about Shakespeare is Marchette Chute’s 1949 classic, Shakespeare of London. We found it years ago in a lovely second-hand bookshop, and Chute’s balancing of historical context and personal insight was instantly enchanting. As Chute writes, “This book is an attempt to bring a very great man into the light of common day. It is an attempt to show William Shakespeare as his contemporaries saw him, rather than as the gigantic and legendary figure he has become since. He was once life-size, and this is an attempt at a life-size portrait.” This a highly readable and hugely informative work – find it here on Amazon