About “Shakespeare For Our Children” ®

The essential impetus of “Shakespeare For Our Children” is to connect young people with Shakespeare’s words as soon as they are able to appreciate, enjoy, and participate in the experience. It is also our purpose to provide very practical and engaging learning resources for teachers and parents through which they can facilitate that experience. Please proceed with the knowledge and assurance that this program really does work, and it is indeed a joy to behold!

Too many of us grow up believing that the plays of William Shakespeare are unapproachable or difficult to understand. Though always acknowledged as great literature, his work seems from another time and perhaps not relevant to contemporary culture. Too often these notions shade our perceptions even before we have been exposed to so much as a page of Shakespeare’s words. Unless blessed with a teacher able to stir their imaginations, children could be deprived of the greatest theatre of all time.

The resources shared here will offer a framework for teachers and parents to encourage children (between the ages of 7 and 12) to take part in the wonderful adventure of Shakespeare’s plays. Theatre is an enjoyable shared activity and discipline that teaches us about responsibility – to the play, to our fellow actors, to our audience and to ourselves – while at the same time contributing mightily to our individual confidence and self-esteem. It offers practical access to feelings of creativity and accomplishment, most especially for children. “Shakespeare For Our Children” will help you provide this invaluable theatrical experience, filled with lessons for lifetimes just beginning.